My name is Breanna (my friends call me Bre, so I guess you can too J) and I’m an Iowa girl, born and raised.  I live with my husband, Cory, our son, Cade, our daughter, Brynlee (and I can’t forget our shih-poo puppy, Macy) in our cozy townhouse in Central Iowa.  Our life together started in February 2005, when Cory and I met through a mutual friend.  I guess you could say we fell hard for each other because we found out we were pregnant in December of that same year.  Surprise!  I guess we didn’t want to waste any time!  We were terrified, shocked, thrilled, nervous, etc. etc. etc. and wondered how we were going to go about it all. 

We shouldn’t have worried because Cade McCale has been the biggest blessing we could have ever asked for.  He was born July 17, 2006, four weeks before his due date but healthy as a horse at 6lbs 14oz, 20in long.  We moved in together, continued school, graduated school, found jobs and then finally got hitched!  We were married August 30, 2008.  In the beginning of 2009 we decided to start thinking about expanding our family.  We stopped thinking about it and starting trying for it in July.  By December, yes December again, we discovered we were pregnant.  And coincidently enough, Brynlee Emersen was due on the exact same day as her big brother was and was born early as well, just two days after her big brother’s birthday.  July 19, 2010 brought us a beautiful 6lb 9.5oz, 18in long little sweet pea.  Her birth story is interesting.  Nothing extravagant, but interesting nonetheless.  Maybe I’ll write about it.

I decided not to back to work after Bryn was born.  Partly because I worked as a teacher at a child care center and I barely made enough to have Cade there with me, but also because I didn’t want to!  I wanted to be with my kids.  I love being a stay-at-home mom!  Our family loves to get out and about and we always try to have fun family activities planned!  We really enjoy the fall when we can tailgate and go to Iowa State football games (even though Daddy is a Hawkeye fan…boo!)  We stay busy during the winter visiting our new favorite hangout, Perfect Games Bowling and Arcade, as well as catching a few hockey games and a movie here and there.  We have the most fun during the summer months, when we can go to our local zoo, Reiman Gardens, Adventureland, The Science Center, our city parks, and our pool beside our house. 

I may not be the most interesting, skilled or hilarious author out there, but I’ve chosen this as my hobby and I appreciate your curiosity!  I thrive on your comments!  I can be sarcastic yet shy, organized yet easily distracted, guarded yet friendly, stubborn yet short-lived.  I’ve always wanted to be “that mom” that writes regular letters to her child or never forgets to document her baby’s growth through monthly pictures.  I have failed at that, so this is the next best thing J.  Maybe I can preserve some memories here and meet some friends along the way.

The End J


Anonymous said...

Bre, your family is adorable. I love reading your genuine, honest writing. I stole your button to put on my blog. Thanks for reading and commenting, I hope you are enjoying blogging as much as I am!

Breanna said...

Aw thank you! I truly enjoy reading about your family's experiences as well. You're hilarious!

Karima said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. www.karimasblogs.blogspot.com I have now sorted out my button (I hope)so you can add it to your blog. I have added your button to my blog too.

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