Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Break through? Not so fast!

Guess what happened last night?  Brynlee slept soundly for the first time in probably a month from 7:00 pm until 4:00 am when she woke up to eat. 

A look at her typical night lately: 7:00 pm bedtime, 10:00 pm: pacifier call, 10:00 pm-12:00 am: restlessness and more pacifier calls, 12:00 am: FEEEEEED MEEEE!, 12:00 am-4:00 am: most of the time there's good sleep here, 4:00 am-7:00 am: restlessness and pacifier calls, 7:00 am: GIVE ME BREAKFAST!!!!!  Cade is out of bed and blowing through the house like a bullet at 6:00 am and I would love to be awake before then considering I need a little bit more dark and quiet time to wake up, so I'm usually "up" for the day whenever Brynlee stirs between 4:00 and 7:00.

Last night I couldn't keep my eyes open starting at about 8:00 pm but I couldn't actually get to sleep.  I tried winding down during a few rounds of Angry Birds.  A "few" rounds turned into probably 629 rounds as well as stupid Facebook and email exploration, and before I knew it the clock read 9:54.

"Wonderful," I thought, "I've officially wasted all precious sleepy time that I could have had because Miss Princess will be demanding servants to soothe her anytime now."  But I soon drifted off to sleep...until 4:00 am!

The clouds parted and the angels sang.  I got six consecutive, beautiful hours of sleep.

And that, apparently, was my limit.  Because, by the way, I woke up before she did.  My body said, "Alright enough of this sweet crap.  You've rested long enough."  That's what I heard.  Cory, who was up already getting ready for work, heard, "Ughh ahmanna umph."  And then he told me I looked like Death.

I fed her, came back to bed, intended to go back to sleep, tried to go back to sleep, but there was no such luck.  Seriously, had I just given in at 8:00 I could have gotten eight hours.  EIGHT!  I've imagined how I will feel after the first time I get eight hours of sleep.  I've pictured myself smiling, wearing jeans and makeup and toddling around the house like Martha Stewart.  If I found a magic lamp today my three wishes would definitely be: no more debt, brownies and eight hours of sleep. 


I at least made the time that I was awake before the kids and every other smart individual in our time zone, that didn't have to go to work of course, productive by starting laundry, doing dishes and blogging. 

I may have played a few rounds of Angry Birds in there too.


Anonymous said...

Hey! You stole my sleep! At least I know that it went to someone who needed it. We were up @ 12, 1 and 4. Hiss. Boo.

Jen said...

Hilarious!! Love it! :)
Reminds me of life when Brayden was little.
I must admit that I am happy Brynlee is a difficult little Princess because Cade was just too easy! ;)
Katelyn started out easy-peasy and now she is a little DIVA! I guess you just never know :)

Breanna said...

Glad you got joy out of this Jen! Haha but really, Cade was so incredibly easy, I should have expected a little drama to be brought in (except Cade has recently done a good job making up for his laid back baby attitude. We never had "terrible twos"...we have the "ferocious fours!") And in all honesty, I don't mind getting up with her once, and every once in awhile twice, during the night because I'm enjoying being a SAHM and the night is part of the job, I guess. I've gotten some pretty nice sleep the past couple nights though so I'm recouped!!

@Mamamash Such turds they are, huh? I mean, thinking we are on this Earth to service them. Crazy little people! ;)

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