Saturday, January 15, 2011

Can We Fix It? ...Um, Yes We Can?

I live with Bob the Builder.  His alter ego is Cory, my husband.  He’s taken on several projects around our house: finishing our basement, ripping up our carpet and laying wood laminate, knocking out some walls and building others.  Most times the project starts out somewhat like this, and I freak out a little.
No big deal, just our exhaust fan hanging from the ceiling.  It started dripping water every time we would take a shower and have it running.  Umm...not good??  Let's just cut out a chunk of the ceiling to investigate what's wrong.

This picture doesn't do this situation justice.  The garbage bag is full of black (moldy??) insulation AND water that poured out of the exhaust system when my husband dropped it down out of the ceiling.  There's drywall dust and pieces everywhere too, and if you've ever done any sort of house construction, you know how ANNOYINGLY EVIL drywall is!

My husband got into our attic to work on our predicament.  After several minutes of spouting off instructions, passing tools back and forth and catching more water in the trash can, down came some of this tube stuff.  Don't we NEED that?  Who knows.  I guess we'll see!

Most times everything works out just fine.  (Most times, my contractor dad is here to guide the job along!)  It’s been several days since this little task and I believe we’re in the clear.  I hope I don’t eat my words.

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