Monday, January 10, 2011

Curse You!

My son is quite the character.  I’m sure you’ve never heard any other mother say that about their child before J  All sarcasm aside, I’m going to tell you about him anyway.  Cade is almost 4 ½.  He’s always been the stereotypical boy: into race cars, dump trucks, trains, bulldozers, football, wrestling…I think I can stop there, although I could go on and on!  He’s also always been a great learner.  A sponge!  Lately, he’s been into wanting to read and spell.  He’s had writing down for awhile now, knows all his letters and their sounds.  He loves his LeapFrog magnetic alphabet games and I’m convinced they’ve taught him more than I have!  One of his recent phases has been making funny words by mixing up random letter sounds, rhyming words, talking in a comical voice, etc.

He has a book with magnetic letters and the objective is to spell the words of the characters on each page (i.e. dog, car, sun, etc.)  During one of our play sessions with this book, Cade decided he was in one of his goofy moods.  He wanted to mix up the letters and try to pass it off as the real deal, provoking a play-along-with-the-joke giggle out of Mommy.  What he didn’t realize is that this….

….got a genuine laugh, for reasons he won’t understand for hopefully a few more years.

He has quite a few other “cursing” stories.  Haha, I think they are my favorite.

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