Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More {followers} Monday

Okay, so I'm new at this, but I have high hopes that everyone will read my stories and love my family and think I'm really really interesting. J

Well, at least I'd like some fellow mom friends to read about and learn from, so I'm participating in More Followers Monday.  (I know, it's already Tuesday.)  I found out about this from my friend Emily at Baby Dickey and decided, why not?  If you're looking for new blogs to follow, you should check it out too!  There are some pretty cool mamas out there!

In my post before this, I talked about how much I hate winter and the cold and the snow and how I prefer to stay indoors until spring shows her lovely face.  I'd love to hear about new indoor activities you do with your kids to help pass those winter blues!  Leave a comment and I'll check out your blog and we can become follower friends. 


Emily @ Baby Dickey said...

Umm, let's see... I spend my days picking up the same toys 10 times, getting Ryan away from the dirty diaper pail, and chasing him through the house :)

But really... as a 1 year, he likes to have dance parties, crawl through forts made of couch pillows... oh and we're working on drawing!

((Add a subscribe by email option to your blog.. it's the only way I ever remember to read blogs!!)) :)

Breanna said...

We love dance parties too! And we have an "art box" with paper, paint, stickers, scissors & glue, etc. We haven't done forts in a really long time though...I've forgotten about this! We'll have to make one soon. Thanks!

And p.s. thanks for the "email" tip. Good thing I'm a SAHM because it took me forever to figure out how to do that...complete with frequent interruptions from a baby & preschooler! :)

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