Friday, January 7, 2011


I began my blogging journey (my second journey actually, with my first lasting a short 4 months during my pregnancy with my daughter) just a few short days ago. In an attempt to "get blogging" quickly I chose a name without much thought: "Reuter Rubbish." After posting this and brainstorming several more hours, I solved my problem myself and came up with "Race Cars & Ruffles." Enjoy my blabbering. I guess I just needed a brainstorming platform and my blog fell victim!
Alright, I'm hating my name. My blog name that is. I wanted to get this blog thing up and running and "needed" a name quickly, but I can't be that creative that fast and now I want to change it.


I used my last name but that's not the part I care too much to change.



At first I thought, "Oh it's lighthearted. My blog isn't really that important. Not too many will care about it I bet. It's just a bunch of nonsense about my life and my family." But rubbish? Can't I give myself more credit than that? My life and my family aren't trash and although I'm no journalist, I don't think my writings are junk. It started with an "r." That's why I chose it. Whoop! How creative am I?!?

I've been trying to think of a different one myself but apparently I'm gonna need a few days. The creative section of my brain seems to have gone to mush. From an adult point-of-view anyway. It's been taken over by baby talk and a preschooler's interests.

I have managed to break out of the box a little bit. This is what I came up with: my son is obsessed --OBSESSED!-- with race cars. Racing in general, really, and he shows no mercy when it comes to winning! (I get scolded if I don't pick the #1 gas pump or if I finish my cereal before he does!) Then there's my daughter. My sweet baby girl. I've fully enjoyed dressing her up and she's most likely in pink (I didn't really plan it this way, but it just happened.) Bottomline, I love to make her look girly. So when you think girly, you think ruffles? Race cars & Ruffles? (Here I go with the "r" again!) I'm thinking I like that. Any other suggestions?

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