Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Happiest Place On Earth? Not To My Kid!

Cade came into our room last night because of a bad dream.  He told me all about it this morning and remarked at how "real" it seemed.  "Yeah," I said, "sometimes dreams do seem very real.  But you know that they aren't."

"But, there's a place where dreams do come true!  I saw it on TV!!"

"Inception?" I thought, "We did just watch that.  And IMPRESSIVE that he understood the concept of that movie!!!"

Nope.  My child is not a genius, with the mental capacity of an adult.  It was much more uncomplicated than that actually.  He'd simply seen a commercial for this place:

Way to go Disney, for filling my child with the fear that the monsters and horrible storms that he dreams about could actually come to life.  We may never get to enjoy a family vacation to your wonderful World. 

Luckily, Cade did have the ability to understand my explanation of what the phrase, "dreams come true" really means.  Haha!! J

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Emily @ Baby Dickey said...

hahaha, that is too funny! awww

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