Thursday, February 17, 2011

So, how bout that weather?!?

I’m so totally over winter.  I’m tired of stuffy noses.  Dry skin.  Dry hair.  Cold feet.  Indoor activities.  Short days.  Icy roads.  Heating bills.  And now on the list, ear infections as I had to pick up my son from school because he was crying in pain.

I’m ready to go for walks. Wake up to the sun.  Play in the parks.  Go swimming.  Let fresh air come in the windows.  Celebrate my kids’ birthdays.  I’m ready for the green to come back!  I love that first warm day.  That first sign of spring.  I always put on some old school Jack Johnson (think, Bubble Toes) and drive with my windows down. 

I have somewhat of a weird feeling towards writing about the weather.  Like, I have nothing else interesting to say so, “How bout that weather!”  But lately it’s just gotten me so excited, I couldn’t resist!  Spring is my most favoritest season ever ever ever!  Today was definitely a Jack Johnson day.  Not so much green as it is brown, but hey at least it’s not so white anymore!  It’s also not midnight black at dinner time.  Okay, enough with the color descriptions.

Something came in the mail a few weeks ago that spiked my anticipation.  It gave me hope that the cold will soon be gone.  We got Cade’s registration for soccer!  Just the thought of sitting outside in lawn chairs at the edge of a tiny little soccer field, hearing happy, carefree screams from the kids running around chasing a ball makes my heart smile J  It’s a close-your-eyes-and-imagine moment.  He starts practice the first week of April.  Less than TWO months! 

Plus, the groundhog didn’t see his shadow, so spring is almost here right?!?  I’m not sure if I correctly understand that theory but anyway, the heat wave in the Midwest this week sure does suggest that an early spring is headed our way.  In true Midwestern fashion, I’m sure there will be one last snow storm before the May flowers show their little faces but for now, I’m elated! J

I just hope I’m not speaking too soon.  I know it’s forecasted to snow/rain/make more mud this weekend, but just remember Mother Nature: karma’s a bitch!

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Jen said...

Love this one too!
You are so funny!

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