Friday, February 25, 2011

NASA's Newest Scientist

Finally Cade has an obsession that doesn’t involve four tires, a race track and the word, “VROOOOM!!!!”  His latest focus: outer space.  Particularly space storms.  Granted, he still races and crashes his Hotwheels and creates chaos in our living room, but at least every other question or story he has now is about something different than how his cars wrecked or who got first! 

When he gets interested in something, he doesn’t hold back.  He keeps asking if Jupiter’s storm is in the same spot and if any other planets have storms and we can’t send astronauts to those planets because of the storms and how are the storms made and….well you get the picture!  I don’t know why storms are his main focus besides the fact that he’s always been interested in the weather segment of the news and asked a million questions about an almost-tornado storm and the historic floods we had last year.  

And FYI, there’s a severe lack of information about space storms on a Google search!  The only explanation I can give him about space storms is that they really aren’t that different than Earth storms, but that’s a complete assumption on my part.  I truly have no idea, so if someone knows more about this topic, educate me!  Haha moving on!!

Recently we signed up for a library card (something I’ve wanted to do for years, but just never got around to it) and “outer space” was the first thing I searched their online catalog for.  I currently have holds requested on five books and one DVD.  A Bill Nye the Science Guy DVD to be exact.  I’m excited for that one J

This site has a cool game where you can “make a planet” and Cade’s had a ton of fun with that.  We’ve also found a few rocket and shuttle launch videos on YouTube and he loves those.  The last launch of the Discovery shuttle (Thursday, Feb 24 at 3:50 pm) was perfect timing!  But of course, I reminded myself all day to turn to CNN around 3:45, but got distracted until 3:56.  “Mother of the Year” award right here.  Thankfully they showed multiple clips and we watched it again and again and again and again online.  He loved knowing that the astronauts were going into space RIGHT THAT SECOND and asked a lot of questions.  It was the first thing he told yelled to Cory as soon as he walked through the door stepped onto our porch J 

It’s exciting that he’s so into it and I’m trying to learn more too.

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