Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bathroom Drama

Remember THIS:

If you read this post you do.  I believe I ended that story, of my husband demolishing our bathroom ceiling and pouring water out of the exhaust and chopping excess tubing with, "most times everything works out just fine...I hope I don’t eat my words."  I'm eating them.  I'm feasting on them actually.  It's an all you can eat buffet.  In other words, our exhaust, if used in its proper manner, will most likely set our house on fire.

For example, as I was drying my hair after a nice, hot, steamy, relaxing shower, I hear a pop and see an orange ember fall carelessly from the ceiling.  FAAAAAANTASTIC!  "Why, WHY, WWWHHHHYYYY is this happening???"  I interrogate my husband.  My handy-dandy "fix it" man.  "Oh, um, crap, well, must have been the water I poured out.  I mean, I think maybe some of it got into the motor, possibly...maybe..."

Ooooh, okay.  I get it.  Completely understandable...  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?  You THINK water MIGHT have gotten into the MOTOR and you never thought to maybe NOT plug it back in to suggest that it can and should be used in the manner that it is intended to be used?!?  Needless to say the exhaust has been unplugged.  We now tolerate a steam covered mirror and cold drafts from the bathroom door being left open during showers.  FIRE EXTINGUISHERS are boldly written in all caps on our shopping list marker board right under NEW EXHAUST FAN!

Sometimes I wonder about my husband.  Can't live without him, and we might all die with him.  But we love him! J


Jennifer said...

HAHA! When I read this one I could actually hear your anger! :( Bryan does stuff like this too! He changed the pipes under our sink because they were all rusty. I told him to ask my Dad to make sure it was put together right and he said "I'm your husband! You NEED me not your DAD!" Its been a sore subject for him that I always go running to Daddy so I decided to go with him on it. It had a little leak for almost a year and occasionally it would be a BIG leak! I asked him to look at it 974,368 times but he didn't take the time. I called my Dad while he was home and blowing it off and asked Dad to come look at it before my kitchen ended up in the basement!
Needless to say it worked and Bryan FINALLY fixed it! About a month now and Leak Free!
This post just reminded me of that! :)

Emily @ Baby Dickey said...

Yikes! That's scary. Steve says he can picture the look on Cory's face and I can picture the look on yours, haha! Well maybe it's time to get dad to come out and help. Hey and if mom comes you might get a much deserved break as well. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Your face in that pic is terrifying. You have murder written in your eyes. Hilarious!

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