Friday, March 4, 2011

Camp Out Fun!

I got Cade a pop up tent for Christmas on Black Friday last year, not because he wanted one or because it was a tremendously great deal, but because I got caught up in the Black Friday trend and since I wasn't buying the latest or greatest electronic, I went for the toys.

Because, naturally, my son needs more toys.

Shortly after buying this thing, I realized the cons were going to outweigh the pros.  The first con became apparent when I couldn't follow the "simple three-step instructions" to get it folded back up.  I was in a panic, hoping Cory got home in time to give it a try before Cade woke up from nap since this huge thing was taking up all the space in our living room.  Which is the second con.  We have no room for it, unless it's folded up flat and sleek in it's handy dandy bag and hid away under the couch.

The pros are of course that Cade loves it and he's getting a lot of use out of it.  In fact, he's camped out in his bedroom for over a week now.  We can't get into his closet or to the other side of his bed, but that's neither here nor there.  He's loving it so it's stayed. 

Brynlee got a chance to play too.

I do think we'll be taking a break from it after this weekend just to regain some order.  There are a couple things that sit at the end of his bed that have had to be stored in the small space between his bed and the wall, making it impossible for him to play, use his CD player or feed his fish.  I hope Hickory is still alive over there.


Steve said...

Hey at least it matches with the room decor...

Breanna said...

Haha I know! Cade does have a lot of green in his room. The comforter for his bed is in his tent and it has several other colors that break it all up.

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