Monday, March 21, 2011

Pick Me Up Monday: Music Madness

Monday again!  But this Monday is different.  This Monday is the FIRST FULL DAY OF SPRING!  I can barely contain myself!  In a post I did about wanting needing Spring to hurry it's little flower covered booty up, I talked about always playing Jack Johnson to ring in the fabulous weather.  This morning on the way back from dropping Cade off at school, I did nothing but blast Jack Johnson (or play as loudly as I could while still able to hear Brynlee and not bursting her ear drums, which really isn't all that close to "blasting" actually.) 

Regardless, I still fully enjoyed it and now I want to share one of my favoritest most favorite favorite Jack Johnson song!  (Hopefully it plays.  Sometimes YouTube doesn't allow videos to play on blogs.  If not, you should go search it because it's completely enjoyable!)

I did this post as a part of Baby Dickey's Pick Me Up Monday but also my sister-in-law, Jen, does a Music Madness Monday, so I guess this post fits that too!  Thanks for the ideas guys haha!


Jen said...

I got a great laugh out of your "blasting" comment too! HAHA! So true!!!
Heads up-- It actually played too! :)

Emily @ Baby Dickey said...

Loooove Jack Johnson, this definitely picked up my Monday! YAY SPRING!

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