Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh illness, why must you exist?!?

We’re back to co-sleeping, at least for the time being.  Actually, we didn’t ever really establish regular co-sleeping habits with Brynlee due to my middle of the night pumping distraction and her big brother’s early rising routine, so it was better for her to be in her own dark, quiet bedroom.  I love co-sleeping though.  I did with Cade for several months and I enjoy doing it with Brynlee whenever it works out.

The reason we’re co-sleeping now?  You can blame RSV.  I’m assuming that’s what she has anyway.  Cade had it when he was 6 months and she’s showing the same symptoms.  Plus the little girl that I watch just had it (side note: Bridget, don’t you dare feel guilty! J)  I do feel somewhat to blame though, as if I’m not breastfeeding her “right” because, why else would an exclusively breastfed baby, who never leaves her mommy’s hip, get RSV?  I know my thoughts are irrational.  Babies get sick, it’s inevitable.  But still, I hate that I can’t do anything to get rid of it, so to cope we’re co-sleeping.  It’s easier for me to comfort her when she wakes up SCREAMING without any warning and when she needs propped up to help keep that God-awful snot out of her nose.  I can also monitor her breathing when she’s in bed with me and when she gets wheezy, I can take action. 

I’ve learned a couple things during this pandemic and thought I would share.  Turns out, the first child doesn’t always teach you everything you need to know.  Here’s what I’ve learned:

-My husband doesn’t wake up to the shower running (for our steam breathing treatment), even at 2:00 in the morning.  I guess that’s not something he considers unusual.  Thanks for the concern, dear!
-The toilet is not good for trying to rock a baby to sleep…
-…especially a baby that’s excited about the sound of the running water, thinking she’s going to be taking a bath.
-Laying the baby beside you on your own pillow is a great, easy way to prop them up so they can sleep easier.  This however, is something I already knew.  What I learned is that a 7 month old has a wonderful sense of humor and bonking their head against yours while you both lay peacefully on the pillow is hilarious.
-Sleeping in a recliner isn’t really that bad when you consider the alternative – not sleeping.
-Sitting in a (hot!) steamy bathroom for 10 minutes, while trying to keep a baby happy with the usual “I’m gonna get you!” games gives a person a splitting headache that lasts for hours.

No, my camera isn't this crappy.  This is during one of our steam treatments -
right before I got a headache that lasted the rest of the day.

But seriously, if there’s anything to enjoy while your child is sick, it's definitely that you have an excuse to cuddle more, give extra kisses, rock them longer and even co-sleep.  I know that’s what I’m enjoying anyway.

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Emily @ Baby Dickey said...

awwww, poor baby girl - and poor mama! Hope she feels better soon!

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