Thursday, March 3, 2011

Like Brother, Like Sister...unfortunately in this case!

The doctor confirmed at her appointment on Tuesday that Brynlee does have RSV.  Luckily it's not really too bad (due to breastfeeding!  Yay me!) but she is doing breathing treatments just to be proactive.  And she's getting a steroid to help with inflammation.

Brynlee has taken after her brother in many ways - due dates, actual birth dates, looks, facial expressions, first (and pretty much the last haha) time rolling over, when the first teeth popped through...I could go on - and we now have to add getting RSV and needing breathing treatments to that list.

Cade, 6 months, 2007

Brynlee, 7 months, 2011

We're using the mouth piece with Brynlee versus the mask because, well, she screams bloody murder when I try to hold the mask up to her.  Not because she doesn't like it necessarily or is scared of it or anything like that.  It's because she can't hold it the way she wants to hold it, aka put it in her mouth, and she just flips out.  At least with the mouth piece she can chew on it and breathe in the medicine. 

The biggest obstacle we had with Cade was that he whined a little if we put the strap of the mask around his head.  Temperament is definitely a way that Brother and Sister have not been alike! 

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Jennifer said...

Poor little baby! And Poor Cade too! I'm glad I haven't been to the doctor for mine for anything but a check-up. I would probably freak out if/when they get sick! They both have colds right now, but its not slowing them down any. I just have to chase them around with tissues to avoid snot all over their clothes! That is the extent of sickness I've had to face so far. Fingers Crossed!

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