Sunday, March 6, 2011

Watch out, Octomom!

I think I need to see a doctor.  I need a prescription for a condition that has recently taken over my mind, but it seems the only prescription that seems would be effective is a baby.  That’s right, I’m suffering from Baby Fever.  I’m enjoying every minute with the baby I have now and I obviously love my preschooler, but I’ve just always felt that I wasn’t done having babies.  I’ve always wanted more than two.  And this is where it’s starting to get complicated: Do I only want three?  What about FOUR?  It’s complicated because my husband “thinks” he’s done with two.  I mean, he says pretty confidently that he is, but I know he doesn’t feel as strongly about it as he conveys.  Haha.

Here’s the thing.  He is so adamant about not having anymore kids because I’m so convinced that we are.  We’re both pretty stubborn people so the middle ground is hard for us to meet sometimes.  But you can’t meet in the middle when it comes to having another baby.  You do or you don’t.  He’s secretly is 50-50, but has to be stubborn about it.  You see, I’ve been talking about it forever and he’s been rejecting it, only sooooome of the time.  It usually goes something like this:

Me: “Would you want to find out the sex of the next baby or be surprised?”
Cory: “Definitely be surprised.”

Another random day…
Me: “We need to put some of this baby stuff in storage.”
Cory: “Why not sell it?  I don’t know what baby you think is going to be using it.”

Yes you do J

I confronted him about it, just bringing up the fact that I think he argues so strongly for the “nay” side because he can’t say “yay” unless it’s on his terms.  And it can’t be on his terms when I’ve already set the terms and I’m not budging.  I’ve always told him he just argues for the sake of arguing, and he’ll be the first to agree with that.  But he says he fears the hectics a third child can add to the mix, but really have you met our first child?  He's three children in one right now so really, what's another?  Also, the cost!  Kids are expensive.  I get this, but really are you ever financially ready for the first baby?  The second?  No.  You can never be financially ready for a baby unless you’re a TV star making $3 million an episode, but then you’re Charlie Sheen and you have a whole other set of problems to worry about!  (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look at this!)

I say, let's deal with the chaos now to reap the benefits later.  I want more than two kids and I want them to have more than one sibling.

We’ll be “ready” for Baby #3 when it’s time for Baby #3 to come.  That’s definitely not now which is why I’m not planning it to happen now and Cory says that he doesn’t want another baby now.  Like most guys, he’s more think-in-the-moment (and in the moment he’s completely stressed out with the kids we have already haha) whereas I’m thinking a couple years down the road.  And in a couple years down the road, I will be pregnant with Baby #3. J Then a couple years after that, if Baby #4 comes along then wonderful!  Watch out, Octomom!

Now, I need to go visit the maternity ward at our hospital so I can cuddle some newborns.  Hopefully they won’t call security.

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Emily @ Baby Dickey said...

hahaha, I can totally picture that convo between the 2 of you about baby #3. We know we definitely want another, but haven't had any talks (yet) about baby #3!

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