Friday, March 4, 2011

Mommy Brain, Or Just Plain Stupid?

I've done some pretty stupid things in my life, the majority being just "blonde moments."  But I also was a decently smart cookie in my school years.  Lately, I seem to be having more of those infamous blonde moments, and I'm choosing to blame my kids.  I really do surprise myself sometimes with my level of stupidness and what better way to celebrate it than to share with all of you! 

While coming up on a red light, that only turns red if someone pushes the button at the cross-walk, I see cars stopped and a black dog walking across the road.  My thought, "What in the world?!?  The dog pushed the button and, to top it off, is actually walking in the cross-walk?!?"  No, dummy.  The dog is on a very long leash and the owner is about 12 feet behind it.

I'm always filling glasses of water when I have another one sitting half full in the living room.

I returned the Bill Nye The Science Guy: Outer Space DVD to the library before dropping Cade off at school.  When I get home, I start dusting around the TV where I find the Bill Nye The Science Guy: Outer Space DVD.  I returned the case.

During my morning routine one day, I got my cup of coffee and took my vitamin.  After helping Cade get his breakfast, putting away a few dishes, washing a couple bottles and briefly reading the headlines in the paper, I started eating a banana and then.....I took my vitamin.  Just 15 or so minutes after taking it the first time.  I felt really healthy that day.

Brynlee still wakes up once a night (around 2:00 or so) to eat.  During the time that she was sick, she woke up quite a bit more than just once.  I still tried to only feed her once though around her regular time.  Except for the night that exhaustion got the best of me and I fell asleep shortly after 9:00.  Brynlee woke up and I stumbled out of bed, eyes still closed, grabbed the bottle and went in to feed her.  I never really opened my eyes until I came back into my room to see that it was 9:24.  Loser!

Lunchtime can get crazy around here.  I have four people to feed and some days that equals four different meals.  One crazy day in particular, I got a bottle warming for Brynlee.  A few minutes later I take it out and put it off to the side.  Meanwhile, I'm doing a few dishes, throwing a few pieces of food to the 1-year-old I watch, fixing plates for Cade and I and trying to soothe Brynlee's whines for her food.  As I'm putting things back in the fridge and getting other things out, I grab a bottle for Brynlee to warm up.  This would have been a huge failure but luckily I noticed the already warmed bottle as I was starting to warm to new one.

So, that's my life.  You may laugh (at least I hope you did a little, otherwise what was the point of this post?) but while you get pleasure out of my stupidity, remember that this my brain people.  I have no control and it's starting to worry me!

I'm glad I saw this now because it very well could have been the next thing to add to my list!


Tonya said...

I totally sympathize! I thought those moments just happened when I was pregnant but I was wrong. Kids do it to you too! I have also taken 2 vitamins in one day (more than once). I finally resorted to using a pill box. The vitamin is the only thing in the pill box, but at least I know whether I took it or not that day. =)

Emily @ Baby Dickey said...

Hahaha, so true. I wrote a post like this awhile back and someone told me it's called "momnesia!"

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