Monday, March 28, 2011

Full of Interesting-ness

No I haven't died or fallen off the face of the Earth, which I guess would probably result in me dying so that was redundant, but anyone keeping track would know that it's been a week since my last post. 

I've been a little bit busy.  Mostly sitting around watching TV and aimlessly toying around with my new, very first smart phone.  In fact, I composed a draft of this in a "Write & Go" app with the very awesome Swype technology.  Yeah, this makes me cool now.  You know, I like to be up on the trends, catching all the newest technology (even if I catch them a few years later than everyone else.)  Next on our list: DVR!

Anyway, I later discovered that it's actually not helpful to use this "Write and Go" app for this type of writing unless you just want to get your thoughts down some place and fast because now I'm copying what I typed on my phone to the computer.  This led me to download a Blogger app and another called "My Writing Spot" so we'll see if I like either one of them better.

Interesting, this post is huh?

Ok so I may or may not have had a few more things, more productive and less pathetic things, on my plate this past week.  I've been meal planning more often for Brynlee as her eating patterns evolve.  She's eating a bigger variety of things as well as more things.  (Lots of things going on around here.)  I spent three hours in the kitchen making all sorts of meals, veggies and fruits for her (she eats better than the rest of us) which was Tons-O-Fun if you consider a cramped thigh, sore feet and a butt load of dishes (and not just plates and bowls and silverware, but all that plus two pots and two pans) fun.  Why do the little people make the big messes and require the most stuff.  Needy.

Now my kitchen was a mess, but that was OK because it matched the rest of the house.  My house had all of a sudden looked like a construction crew came threw, remodeled some secret room that I don't know about and left all the mess (think drywall dust and dirty foot prints all over the carpet) for me to clean up.  Really, I thought I just vacuumed and dusted yesterday.  Someone needs to be punished for this mess because nature can't be this cruel.  And I'm sure it wasn't the baby, so the boys it is.  How young is too young to vacuum?  (And on that note, how old is too old for a time-out?)

Also to mention from last week's To-Do list: I signed up to be a Tupperware seller lady and have my Grand Opening party this coming Saturday which doesn't help the whole house cleaning problem (and BTW hit me up if you want to order something!  And if you live in or around my living area, you're invited to my party!) 

I figured out how to hang eight pairs of soaking wet jeans on our drying rack after our washer ate a baby sock and some other small foreign items that made it in with the laundry, giving it a seemingly good reason to not drain or spin out.  It seems as of now that Husband has fixed the problem so I'm crossing my fingers that I don't need to post about that later. J

And of course, no To-Do list would be complete if it didn't include "pick up random stuff" and I can't believe how many "random stuff" piles still remain.

In other news, Brynlee has stayed true to her reputation of being a turd at nighttime, waking up almost on cue every night at 10:00 for her pacifier, midnight to eat and again at 4:00 for her pacifier.  Then if I'm lucky she will go back to sleep soundly until 7:00.  Cade was back to school last week, which was oddly difficult to get used to.  All I need to manage is to get him dressed (the baby and I, really that's optional), fed and in the truck but apparently I forgot how to do all of that well, at least.  It's incredibly hard to manage simple tasks when chronically sleep deprived.  My daughter will be paying for this in her teenage years.  I'm not above revenge.

Well, I hope you've fully enjoyed this lovely, most interesting post about my life this past week.  It was a joy to write it for you all.  Hopefully now the cobwebs will be cleared and I'll be able to amuse you with less worthless information.  Thank you for reading. J


Jen said...

I got my first smartphone a couple of months ago and when I first started playing with it I felt like a dinosaur. I love it now though!

I hear you with the house disaster. I clean my house everyday and it is trashed the next day... Little and BIG monsters that live here. :)

Poor Brynlee is still waking up at night? Hopefully it won't last much longer. Brayden was 6 months old when he FINALLY slept all night and I was so sleep deprived. I can only imagine how you are holding on, especially with a hyper preschooler to entertain all day! It will get better!!! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG Tupperware? They still make Tupperware? That is awesome. I want a retro canister set like my grandma has!

Steve @ Baby Dickey said...

Lol. I love "I'm not above revenge." You keep sucking me in Bre, you're an awesome writer.

Jen said...

Hey Tupperware Seller Lady---LOL--- if you can share online I will be a customer! ;)

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